Bureau International des Expositions

The Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) is an independent international organization headquartered in Paris.

The BIE advises countries wishing to apply for a universal exhibition and decides on the choice of the candidate.

It ensures that the international convention passed on universal exhibitions on November 22, 1928 (supplemented by the amendments of May 10, 1948, November 16, 1966, November 30, 1972, June 24, 1982 and May 31, 1988) is respected.

This convention, currently signed by 87 states, serves both as a legal basis for world exhibitions and as a regulation.

The governments of the member states constitute the members of the IBE. During the general assembly, the highest organ of the BIE, they are represented by their delegates.

The organs of the BIE are:

  • the general assembly with the president of the BIE, the president in office
  • the general secretariat, headed by the general secretary as well as four executive commissions, whose presidents are both vice-presidents of the BIE
  • an executive board
  • the settlement commission
  • the administrative and budgetary commission
  • the information committee

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