Brussels World and International Exhibition 1958 - Expo58

Review of the world for a more human world

April 17, 1958 - October 19, 1958

Expo 58 was the first World's Fair to take place just after the Second World War, and moreover in the middle of the Cold War between East and West. This exhibition tried to show the interest of technical progress for peaceful purposes: the atomium symbolised this motto.

The special feature of this exhibition was its architecture, as many buildings offered new forms and used new building technologies, which led to unlimited architectural possibilities, such as the Philips pavilion
or the German pavilion.

The Cold War was also felt at the exhibition, where the USSR and US pavilions faced each other and clashed in size and propaganda.

Various attractions for young and old were offered in the amusement park, as well as a multimedia show that recounted the exploits of space conquest.

The presentation of the Belgian colonies was also in the spotlight with the construction of a typical Congolese village. In spite of the cold war climate and the wave of decolonisation around, this exhibition was a success.