Centennial Exposition Philadelphia 1876

Centenary of American Independence and the Declaration of Independence of July 4, 1776

May 10, 1876 - November 10, 1876

This exhibition was intended to mark the 100th anniversary of American independence.

It brought a new concept, as previously exhibitions consisted of a huge building where all the objects were displayed; now Hermann Josef Schwarzmann replaced the single building with different pavilions, each with a specific theme.

The exhibition was thus divided into five thematic halls, each of which housed 200 pavilions representing a nation or company.

The exhibition was located in North Philadelphia's Fairmont Park, and took up 175 acres of the park.
The halls were made of glass and metal for cost and speed of construction.

Despite the 9 million visitors, the exhibition was a financial failure, the losses of which were paid for by the shareholders.
However, in terms of the image of the United States itself, it was a success in the eyes of the public.