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Relocation - Expo London 1851

Relocation at the Exhibition Expo London 1851

A decision of Parliament stipulated that the Crystal Palace was to last only for the duration of the exhibition, but the building was saved from demolition by a committee chaired by Paxton. The building was moved to Sydenham, South London, to serve as a tourist attraction to entertain and inform visitors. The Crystal Palace, which had a planned life of 6 months, had to be completely overhauled in order to continue its existence. It had to undergo a number of modifications to provide visitors with better safety and comfort. For example, air conditioning was installed and five floors were built instead of the original three. As for the exterior, Edward Milner designed the English garden as well as the fountains, waterfalls, water jets (12,000 in number), 3 lakes, and a large labyrinth. The green areas were designed by Loddiges of Hackney. The two brick water towers, 15 metres in diameter and 100 metres high, were designed by Benjamin Waterhaouse Hawkins.