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Sweden and Denmark - Expo London 1851

Sweden and Denmark at the Exhibition Expo London 1851

These two countries are deplorably represented at the Crystal Palace. For fear that their products would arrive too late, they sent very little.

It would perhaps have been better to abstain completely.

Sweden's metal wealth is barely indicated by a few rare iron ores. A small number of silk and cotton fabrics, samples of wrought iron, locks, swords, and a few other minor objects not worth mentioning, were the only items on display at the Swedish exhibition in July 1851.

The Danish exhibition was not much more important.

It sent precision instruments, among which were a balance, a compass, watches, and a sophisticated electro-magnetic device.

Add to these few objects a small number of embroideries, light fabrics and plaster statues, and you will have a fairly accurate idea of the Danish exhibition.

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