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Instruments of Science and Art -

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Here we find the instruments used in science and art, in astronomy, music and surgery: telescopes, globes, topographical and hydrographic instruments; those used in mechanics to measure forces and explain the laws of physics; those relating to acoustics, optics, heat, magnetism and electricity; all types of chemical apparatus; and finally, musical instruments, which together form a rich collection in the Crystal Palace.

Another fine collection takes its place here, that of watches, clocks, clocks for churches and steeples, chronometers for astronomers and sailors, instruments to mark changes in temperature, those to mark the movement of the sun and moon and eclipses, etc.

The important instruments, so numerous and so varied, which are used in surgery are classified by type of operation; thus one finds here those which are used for the operations of the oculist, there those which are used by the dentist, etc.; next to them are the microscopes, and finally the apparatus which are used for the sick, the convalescents or the crippled.