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Leather and Skins - Expo London 1851

Leather and Skins at the Exhibition Expo London 1851

This subdivision includes tanned, wrought, glazed and dyed leather, patent leather or leather bleached with alum.

The various hides for blankets, parchment and basanes, saddlery and harnesses; furs of all kinds, such as sable, otter, fox, bear and beaver, buffalo, lynx, badger, ermine, weasel, sea-calf, rabbit, lamb, squirrel, chinchilla, musk, cat, goat, lion, tiger and all ferocious animals; feathers such as those of ostrich, marabou, orfraie; birds of paradise, heron, ibis, swan, peacock, pheasant, eagle, and all common birds; and artificial hair intended to replace human hair or made into ornaments, hairpieces, or furnishing objects.