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Tapestries, Lace and Embroidery - Expo London 1851

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This class includes carpets of all kinds, either loom-made or hand-made, such as Axminster, Brussels and Kidderminster carpets; mosaic tapestry and long pile blankets, printed felt carpets, droguets, table and curtain rugs, mechanically embroidered sheets for table and curtain rugs, mats of hemp, coir, straw, reed and grass fibres; waxed cloth for floors and tables, cloth and crochet embroidery, fishnets, ornamental tapestry of silk, voile, moire, cotton, wire cloth, or mixtures of these materials; lace made on the loom or on cushions, or made partly by machine, partly by hand; trimmings, laces, veils, scarves, etc.; sewn and hand-made muslins, etc. muslins, embroideries, gold, silver, glass, silk, Berlin wool and machine embroideries; fringes in trimmings, fancy and industrial works, such as Berlin tapestry, needlework, etc.