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Products of mining, quarrying, metallurgical operations and mineral products -

Products of mining, quarrying, metallurgical operations and mineral products at the Exhibition Expo London 1851

This subdivision includes objects relating to the ordinary operations of mines, such as: opening shafts, cutting land, perforating, drifting, ventilating, illuminating, means of communication between underground regions and the surface, transporting men and materials.
It also includes the metals and instruments that have to do with the action of grinding, roasting, melting, reducing: with the action of tempering iron or making it malleable; of making steel: which also has to do with bronzes, firearms and, moreover, those compositions so well known under the dwarfing of English metal, tin and silver from Germany.

Among the non-metallic mineral products are those which are the most important in terms of quantity and usefulness; those used for heating, such as coal, of which the exhibition offers a wide variety of collections; those used for building, such as stones and slates of all kinds.

Then there are marbles, alabasters, porphyry which are used in the fine arts; building materials, stones, artificial cements, calcareous and hydraulic cements, gypsum, etc...
These classes of mineral materials were completed by a large number of samples of the earths used in the manufacture of porcelain and glass in all their varieties, from the coarsest tiles to the most delicate and best-finished small chinoiseries.