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Palace of Modern Art - Expo Barcelona 1929

Palace of Modern Art at the Exhibition Expo Barcelona 1929
Architect(s) : Antonio Darder

It is located near the National Palace. The building, discreetly subjected to Italian influence in its construction, is composed of three organs.

In the middle of the facade there is a portico or gallery which leads to a vestibule and a spacious hall. The two sides are used for exhibition rooms.
The palace is home to everything related to:

-Painting, drawing and sculpture in all its aspects and applications; the technique of painting and drawing, tools and materials (paper, pencils, inks, colours, brushes, canvases, easels, etc).

- Works and collections, cultures at different times and schools, as well as variations on a study, the great masters of painting and engraving, the technique of sculpture (general activities, methods, casting, moulding, carving, etc.) Instruments and materials, clay, chisels, plaster, wood, marble, bronze, etc., coins, medals, cameos, etc.

-Sculpture works and collection: Sculpture of the age, schools and companies, great masters of sculpture.

This includes categories 6,7,8 and 9 of the general classification.