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Horticultural Building at the Exhibition Expo Chicago 1933
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Chicago's leadership in horticulture and floriculture is demonstrated in a beautiful way at the "A Century of Progress" exhibition. Beautiful flowers and lush plants, too rare or too difficult to grow for commercial purposes, are displayed either in the main exhibition hall or in part of the 52 gardens that adjoin the large 30,000 square meter horticultural building.

Landscape architects from the United States have collaborated to make the exhibition a flower paradise. Twenty-one nationally significant flower exhibits are on display throughout the summer.

Displayed in the outdoor horticultural section is a diverse assortment of beautiful gardens, each featuring some type of design and flower combination from which visitors can learn practical lessons that will be useful in their own gardens.

The garden at Abraham Lincoln's home in Indiana, featuring the trees, shrubs and wildflowers with which the martyred president was familiar as a child, has been recreated by the Men's Garden Club of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Plants maintained by Chicago's Men's Club members are changed and cultivated continuously throughout the exhibition period.

Since the opening of "A Century of Progress" occurs when irises and peonies are in bloom, these two flowers will be featured during this period. They are followed by national exhibitions of roses, delphiniums, perennials, gladioli, dahlias and chrysanthemums.

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