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Firestone Building - Expo Chicago 1933

Firestone Building at the Exhibition Expo Chicago 1933
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The beautiful modern Firestone plant and Exposition building on Lief Ericsen Drive, Twenty-third Street, features the complete manufacturing of automobile tyres at the Exposition. Thousands of people have expressed a desire to see rubber and tyre manufacturing as it is done in the Firestone plant, and so here they can see the same method and operations.

The building stands out from the rest of the World's Fair because a large part of the Firestone area is devoted to gardens where visitors can relax and enjoy the beauty of the show.

In the gardens in front of the building is a 33 metre long by 5 metre wide swimming pool, in which are installed six beautiful domed fountains that spray a mist, with a jet of water in the centre that rises 6 metres above the dome. This wonderful fountain is known as the "Firestone Singing Color Fountain"-the first of its kind in the world. It is a marvel of beauty and scientific development. The music is broadcast by radio, which allows it to be transmitted to other locations if necessary.

Submerged beneath each fountain dome is a battery of coloured lights that reflect the varied hues and shades on the misty fountain domes, and these colour variations are perfectly synchronised with the nuances of the musical notes, and with the rise and fall of the water.

Overlooking the building and gardens is another scientific marvel which is the first construction of its kind, in the form of an 8 metre long sign. Shadow planes are placed on top of each other and the result you get is constantly changing as a multi-coloured fan combining shadow effects. The result is nothing short of magnificent.

In the exhibition hall, interactive displays show, with the help of science and engineering development, the wonderful advances that have been made in automotive products and their service to motorists. There is a remarkable display relating to motor racing, including famous cars and trophies. Other interactive displays show the evolution of tyres, batteries, spark plugs, brake linings, and other products manufactured by the company.

Firestone also represents the rubber industry in the Science Hall with a comprehensive educational and scientific exhibit.

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