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Chrysler Motors - Expo Chicago 1933

Chrysler Motors at the Exhibition Expo Chicago 1933
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The building is a two-storey structure, with the walls of its main exhibition area reaching 40 metres in height.

Various models of Chrysler products are on display, including Chrysler, Plymouth, De Soto, Dodge and Fargo, and these cars can be tested on a 400-metre long open-air track.

The Belgian Roll," a bumpy facility where the car is subjected to every conceivable test it would undergo in real use, is a constant hub of activity.

Slide shows illustrating construction methods are shown in one part of the building, while detailed engine, body, chassis and tyre parts are presented in another room.

The cars are tested in a refrigerated room and are subjected to wind and weather tests.
Four ramps lead to the second floor of this building, which is located on Leif Eriksen Drive at Thirty-first Street, and north of the Travel and Transport Palace.

An interesting feature of the second floor is an observation deck that gives World's Fair visitors a clear view of the entire grounds and the cars turning on the outdoor test track.

At the southern end, a narrow courtyard, with a pool in which an engine floats, is the main exhibition area, the Walter P. Chrysler Hall.

The building is made of materials that reflect sunlight and artificial light and is adorned with four neon pillars, white metal strips and cantilevered glass display cases.

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