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Arizona -

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A sales shop, typical of the old Southwest, is the dominant feature of the Arizona exhibit.
Here you can see rugs, pottery and baskets, copper and silver wares, petrified wood and cactus trinkets, and you can see Indian craftsmen at work.

A silversmith works with metal, a potter shapes clay bowls and vases, a rug maker and a basket maker demonstrate their skills, and a real cowboy sings to complete the picture.

The burnished copper ceiling shows Arizona's main mineral. A 3 metre band of the same material circles the walls. In this band are 36 transparencies showing the beauty of the Arizona landscape.

On the upper parts of the walls are seven murals depicting the history of Arizona, painted by Lon Megargee.

Outside, at the back of the exhibition hall, is a desert garden, where 36 varieties of cacti are displayed.

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