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Georgia -

Georgia at the Exhibition Expo Chicago 1933
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The song of mocking birds amidst the pink blossoms of a Georgian peach orchard welcomes the visitor to the state's exhibition.

From behind, in a realistic cotton field, a quartet of blacks plays the old negro spirituals.
The first gold medal mined and struck in the United States is part of an exhibit of marbles, clays and minerals.

An exhibit of agricultural products includes a gigantic cotton stalk, containing 710 bolls.
University of Georgia, Wesleyan College, the Georgia School of Technology and the Martha Berry school cooperate on an educational exhibit.

Paintings of Warm Springs features the home of President Roosevelt.
Other exhibits include a display of wild turkeys and other game, models of Indian burial mounds in Macon, demonstrations of papermaking with Georgia pines, and a display of textiles and other manufactured goods from the state.

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