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Missouri -

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The Missouri exhibit is set in a grove of slender tree trunks that reach up to the two-story ceiling on which the leaves are painted.

Ancient times are brought back by a few sections bounded by an old fence next to a stream. Next to it is a wooden pioneer cabin from Taney County.

A painting of a simple cabin illustrates the first settlement of Missouri in 1700. The first state Capitol in Jefferson City is the backdrop for a scene with slaves, overseers and traders.

Behind a deer are views of forests and parks.
A cave of authentic stalactites and stalagmites is part of an exhibition of minerals and mines.

Bronze figures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn adorn a niche dedicated to Mark Twain.

A portrait of Eugene Field, born in St. Louis in 1850, hangs above a verse of "Little Boy Blue.

A bust of Dr. AT Sill, who founded osteopathy in Kirksville, is shown.

The work of the Mississippi Valley Committee is shown in an exhibition sponsored by the US Government's Department of the Interior.

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