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New Mexico - Expo Chicago 1933

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A dwelling in Adobe, typical of the Adobe Pueblo Indians, is located on one side of the New Mexico exhibit hall.

At one end of the house an awning houses an old Spanish cart with wooden wheels, a wooden plow, ox yoke and other implements.

Inside, a Navajo woman weaves rugs on a hand loom; a Pueblo woman creates pottery, and a Navajo silversmith works metal with his rudimentary tools.

A modern two-story dwelling at the end of the room shows how architects made use of the Pueblo style in construction.

In a display, natural lava rock, potash deposits and white sand; cacti, brush and dry grass are growing.

Upstairs in the centre of the room a Navajo sand painter mixes naturally coloured sands through his fingers to create Indian images.

There is a display of prehistoric Indian relics and next to them are swords and spurs worn by the Spanish conquistadors.

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