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Puerto Rico - Expo Chicago 1933

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Native palms separate the government and commercial exhibits in the hall occupied by Puerto Rico, which is decorated in pure Spanish style.

In the governmental section, the island's agricultural progress is shown by exhibits of sugar cane, tobacco, coffee and vegetables from that state.

Progress in education and in the development of sanitation and disease control are illustrated.

The construction of roads, power stations, public buildings and communications under government supervision are presented.

Cigar makers demonstrate the making of Puerto Rican cigars amidst a display of linen suits, straw hats, citrus fruits, mahogany furniture, baskets, pottery and other indigenous products.

A display board shows linens, lingerie, fine embroidery and the work done by Puerto Rican women that made them famous.

Coffee and fresh coconut milk are served by Puerto Rican girls. A band plays native tunes.

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