Century of Progress International Exposition - Chicago 1933

A century of progress

May 27 - November 12, 1933 and June 1 - October 31, 1934

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Virgin Islands

Virgin Islands at the Exhibition Chicago 1933

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A house made of coconut leaves is set in a tropical garden in the middle of the Virgin Islands exhibition.

The 7-metre high palm trees, pineapples and other native plants growing along the shoreline are located next to a blue pool and perfectly reproduce a typical island scene.

Wall maps and murals give a more detailed view of these Caribbean islands which are the latest additions to Uncle Sam's island possessions.

Reed work is demonstrated by the native girls who weave the reeds into mats and baskets which we view.

Linen and lingerie show the fine needlework of the native woman.
Cigars, rums, syrups and liqueurs are presented along with a display of indigenous fruit juices, pineapple, orange and wild guanabana, which has a flavour not unlike that of a peach or apricot.

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