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Infant Incubator - Expo Chicago 1933

Infant Incubator at the Exhibition Expo Chicago 1933
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Babies born prematurely or underweight are cared for in glass incubator chambers in which temperature, humidity and other conditions are under constant control.

Twenty-five babies at a time can be cared for until they reach normal weight and development.
Babies in need of care are brought into the incubator to save their lives.
There is no charge to the parents of the babies. The incubator is operated by Dr MA Couney, who cares for babies for Bellevue and Allied Hospitals in New York City in his Atlantic City incubator.

Admission fees are used to maintain the incubator and train the nurses and assistants, who live in the building.

Babies weighing less than 1 kilo at birth have been saved by this method.

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