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Oasis - Expo Chicago 1933

Oasis at the Exhibition Expo Chicago 1933
© Kaufmann & Fabry Co

A South Mediterranean desert village, populated by a North African colony of sheiks, nomads and artists is reproduced.

Inside this oasis all shows and entertainment are free.

The oasis reproduces a village square.

The visitor can sit under the shelter of the date palms or awnings to watch the shows.

Syrian war dances are part of the show.

For the music, musicians from these countries play bagpipes and strange stringed instruments, and an oriental dancer displays her art dressed in jewelled costumes.

Wandering sword swallowers, fakirs who walk on broken glass and lie on boards full of nails, fire-eaters and jugglers perform throughout the day.

Around the central square, shops display local crafts, such as leather bag and garment making, brass hammering, carpet weaving, jewellery making and other crafts.

©Official Guide Book 1933-1934