Century of Progress International Exposition - Chicago 1933

A century of progress

May 27 - November 12, 1933 and June 1 - October 31, 1934

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Tunisian Village

Tunisian Village at the Exhibition Expo Chicago 1933

© Official Guide 1934

The call of the muezzin, calling the faithful of Islam to prayer, is heard from the mosque in this North African village

The typical things of the old city of Tunis are reproduced in the "souk" or bustling bazaars with a population of sheiks in their haiks and burnous, tribesmen, village craftsmen and bazaar keepers.

Dancing girls in their sequined and veiled costumes provide exotic entertainment.

Article based on the Official Guide Book 1933-1934

Jugglers, acrobats, snake charmers and magicians perform their feats, before audiences of solemn desert dwellers and exhibition visitors. A large group of the different races that make up the population of Tunis have been brought to the World's Fair and are recognised in the trades that make up the life of the barbarian city.

Desert nomads, merchants and city dwellers work under the shade of the blinds stretched between the flat roofs, to the white walls of the houses in which the brass workers. Sandalwood managers, carpet weavers, leather carvers, potters and other craftsmen ply their trade.

The village gives a new impression of the land of romance and fable on the sandy edge of the mirages, the caravans of camels and wild horses.