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Midget Village - Expo Chicago 1933

Midget Village at the Exhibition Expo Chicago 1933
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The Midget village, populated by Lilliputians, is a miniature-scale reproduction of the old Bavarian town of Dinkelspuhl, one of the few fortified towns in Europe.

Werner Krueger, considered to be the smallest man in the world, 60 centimetres tall and weighing 18 kilos, is one of the 115 inhabitants of the village of Lilliputians.

It has 45 buildings, its own municipal building, police, fire brigade, church, school, craft shops featuring dwarfs, miniature taxis, a petrol station and newspapers.

The town's mayor is Doyle, 85 centimetres tall.
Free entertainment is provided on the outdoor stage in the Park, or indoors in case of rain, by three groups of professional performers, the dwarf Ritter, Rose and singing troupes.

There are 1500 free seats for the open-air show.

©Official Guide Book 1933-1934