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Lumber House - Expo Chicago 1933

Lumber House at the Exhibition Expo Chicago 1933
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Architect(s) : Ernest A. Grunsfeld, Jr

This lumber house is built in this group of houses to demonstrate the beauty and assert the place of all wood construction work.

American woods are used in the interior: the ceilings are made of Douglas fir, cypress and birch, the floors are made of oak, maple and southern pine, the sash and frames are made of ponderosa pine, the walls of the living room and dining room are paneled with oak and birch, which are also used in the master bedroom.

Knotty pine planks are used along the entire length of the walls in the boy's room. The smooth walls and floor of the kitchen are made of white maple.

The lumber house is furnished and decorated according to a budget plan drawn up after a national income survey of small families. The furnishings are divided into three classes: Essential, for which $1,000 is allowed; Conveniences, $400; and Deluxe, $400.

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