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Common Brick House - Expo Chicago 1933

Common Brick House at the Exhibition Expo Chicago 1933
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Architect(s) : Andrew N. Rebori

The Brick House not only has brick exterior walls, but the floors, stairs and porches are made of brick.

This is the first time this type of construction has been used in a house, although it has been applied to bridges. By means of steel rods embedded in the mortar, any shape can be taken at brick level, making it possible to create almost any brick surface.

The floor plan is an irregular hexagon.
On the first floor, the front part is cut off for the entrance.
On the ground floor are the entrance, the laundry and the playroom.
The brick staircase leads to the large living-dining room which, together with the kitchen, occupies the entire second floor.

The exterior is painted white.
The interior walls are plastered and decorated.
The floors of the bedrooms are covered with flooring; those of the living room and other parts of the house are of natural, polished and smooth brick.
With the complete, technical, and labour-saving equipment, the furniture and decoration are of contemporary style, as in any current house.

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