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Rostone House - Expo Chicago 1933

Rostone House at the Exhibition Expo Chicago 1933
© Kaufmann & Fabry Co
Architect(s) : Walter Schuler

This new stone product illustrates the exterior and interior use of Rostone, a compressed stone product with steel bolts cast into the slabs for fixing to the steel frame of the house.

This new material is cast in standard size slabs and it is possible to create different colour and polished effects.

Colored Rostone is used for the roof terrace, the floor of the entrance hall, and for parts of the living room walls.

The house has all living areas on the ground floor, except for the master bedroom, which is under the roof.

The interior decoration and furnishings are modern, but not particularly innovative, and are intended to provide a welcoming living space that can be equipped at a moderate price.

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