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House of Tomorrow - Expo Chicago 1933

House of Tomorrow at the Exhibition Expo Chicago 1933
© Kaufmann & Fabry Co
Architect(s) : George Fred Keck

This glass and steel house is circular in shape, like three drums stacked on top of each other; the top drum being the solarium, surrounded by a circular roof terrace.

The living areas of the house are all surrounded by windows, but none of them open.
The indoor air is conditioned, purified and distributed through ducts.
The whole house is waterproof and fireproof, and as the house is circular there are no corners where dust can get in.

The living area floor is made up of walnut blocks, and finished in bakelite.

On the ground floor there is a workshop, a shed and a laundry.
There is also a recreation room and a miniature bar.
The electric kitchen is all stainless steel, porcelain and glass.
Upstairs, the master bedroom is made of pine end blocks.
The floor of the children's room is made of rubber tiles.
The bathroom has white Carrara glass walls, white porcelain fittings and pink rubber tiles.

The interior decoration and furniture are surprisingly modern, in keeping with the unusual character of the house.

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