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Armco-Ferro Enamel House - Expo Chicago 1933

Armco-Ferro Enamel House at the Exhibition Expo Chicago 1933
© Kaufmann & Fabry Co
Architect(s) : Robert Smith, Jr

This is an example of a new frameless construction: the all-steel house, built in factory-made units.
The house has two floors, is attractive in its classic and simple lines, and is made on the outside of a shiny matt enamel.

The walls and floors are made of factory prefabricated steel elements.
The wall elements are as large as the house, with door and window frames welded on site.
On the ceiling of the first floor, a welded metal conduit serves as a support for the floor.
For the interior walls, an insulating layer is applied, plus two layers of plaster.
The ceilings are finished with acoustic tiles.
The interior design and furnishings, the practicality of the living space, and the attractiveness of the moderate price of this house make it a very competitive house.

Guest Cottage Garden Cottage, which can be built together in the adjoining garden, for a larger house in case of an influx of guests.

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