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Masonite House - Expo Chicago 1933

Masonite House at the Exhibition Expo Chicago 1933
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Architect(s) : Frazier & Raftery

New wood product.

This house is built with a wooden frame to illustrate the use of Presdwood Masonite for the exterior and interior.

It is a modern bungalow type with in addition to a living room and dining room; on the first floor two bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen.

The first floor is a room opening onto a mezzanine under the roof, which can be used as an office, a playroom or a bedroom.

The equipment of the house illustrates modern energy-saving devices, including air conditioning.

The furnishings and decoration are designed to demonstrate the possibility of the owner moving furniture without having to get rid of all existing furniture to make way for a new interior.

The living room is modern in style, one of the bedrooms is in a classic style and the other is in an Empire Colonial style; this shows that all these styles are adaptable in this house.

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