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Stransteel House - Expo Chicago 1933

Stransteel House at the Exhibition Expo Chicago 1933
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Architect(s) : O'Dell & Wirt C. Rowland

A new type of steel construction is used in this house which has a steel frame.
The frame elements consist of two channels with grooved backs welded or riveted together.
The nails are driven between the channels and follow the longitudinal grooves.
Linoleum is used on the floors and linoleum-type products for the walls of the laundry and the bathroom.
The two bedrooms are on the ground floor.
A large part of the roof is reserved for the lounge and recreation area and around the recreation room is a large solarium.

The interior design and furnishings are in the traditional modern style with the emphasis on livability.
The garden of the STRANSTEEL house is an ideal companion to the Stransteel house and is built in the same type of construction.

The house is designed in the Cape Cod tradition and is intended for expansion, if necessary, as the family grows.

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