Century of Progress International Exposition - Chicago 1933

A century of progress

May 27 - November 12, 1933 and June 1 - October 31, 1934

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Bendix Lama Temple

Bendix Lama Temple at the Exhibition Expo Chicago 1933

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Amidst the modernity of the Sky Ride and the Hall of Science rests peacefully this ancient shrine, the Chinese Temple of the Lamas, which was brought to the Chicago World's Fair as a gift from Vincent Bendix, a millionaire industrialist, by Dr. Sven Hedin, a renowned Swedish explorer.

The Golden Temple - the seat of the Manchu emperors' cult - was faithfully copied by northern Chinese architects and craftsmen, delivered in 28,000 pieces to Chicago, and put together at the exhibition like pieces of a gigantic Chinese puzzle. The roof is of copper shingles covered with gold leaf.

In the pavilion are Buddha images, incense burners, prayer wheels, temple bells, and other interesting items.

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