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China - Expo Chicago 1933

China at the Exhibition Expo Chicago 1933
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Two years ago, the Government of the Republic of China accepted the invitation of the United States Government to participate in the "A Century of Progress" exhibition in Chicago. A special committee was set up to make preparations for China's participation with the Minister of Industry as its chairman.

At the end of last year the plans for the Chinese pavilion in Chicago were completed and the exhibits were collected from all parts of China. Even the remote district of Kokonor, which is located on the very border of Asia Minor, has contributed its share to this collection on the China exhibition.

The building is located on Ericson drive in the exhibition centre, opposite the large Science hall. The building is inspired by a typical Chinese residence with enclosures on all four sides and a main entrance gate. In the centre of the enclosure is a garden which corresponds to a courtyard in a Chinese house. The central hall in this group of buildings, the Hall of Honour, is known as the Jade Pavilion. On the right side are rooms for our government exhibitions, while on the left is the typical Chinese theatre. The front part is occupied by Chinese shops.

In the Jade Pavilion are green jades of all types and sizes, ranging from small stone jewels to three masterpieces, in the form of a jade pagoda, a pair of huge jade lamps, and an arch, which in China are considered the "three wonders of the world". This jade pagoda is a miniature reproduction of a famous pagoda in China, consisting of seven floors, with a total height of four feet and five inches. It may surprise you to know that it took about 1,500,000 hours of the best experts in the field to create this collection.

In addition to the above exhibits, China, of course, features other products such as tea, embroidery, ivory carving and many other exhibits. For those who are keen on entertainment, you will find a small Chinese theatre in our building where a wonderful acrobatic show will entertain you.

To the south of our main hall is the Chinese Tea Garden with its cheerful Chinese waitresses and tasty Chinese food.

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