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Czechoslovakia - Expo Chicago 1933

Czechoslovakia at the Exhibition Expo Chicago 1933
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Have you seen the beauties of Czechoslovakia! A republic whose government, in spite of financial difficulties, common to all European countries, decided to participate in the World Fair. So don't forget to visit the official Czechoslovak pavilion where you can see the Republic in miniature.

All the natural beauties are reproduced in the tourist section, by the brush of a famous Czechoslovak artist.

In the industrial section you can admire the economic development of the country during the period of its independence.

Whether it is a piece of peasant product, porcelain, glassware, crystal beads, Bohemian garnets, jewellery, toys,

each has its own artistic value, given by the soul and hands of Bohemian workers, who live in small villages in the Czechoslovakian mountains.

Czechoslovakian mountains. All these treasures are represented in the pavilion.

The introduction of beer production in the United States gave the Czechoslovak producers of barley, hops,

taps, etc., to present these world-renowned products.

To give all visitors a chance to taste real Pilsner beer, and other special Bohemian drinks and

also the delicious Prague ham, the Czechoslovak administration has built a restaurant where smiling waitresses

and musicians in national country costumes make your stay in the Czechoslovak Republic pavilion a very pleasant one.

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