Century of Progress International Exposition - Chicago 1933

A century of progress

May 27 - November 12, 1933 and June 1 - October 31, 1934

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German-American Pavilion

German-American Pavilion at the Exhibition Expo Chicago 1933

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The history of beer, from the grain in the field to the drink in the glass, is told through exhibitions in this building.

Photos, dioramas and models show the many industries that cooperate in the process.
We see how grains are harvested and malted, and how hops are prepared.
The ancient art of brewing, which was already well established in Babylon in 6000 BC, is explained and modern brewing equipment is displayed.

Barrels and bottles for holding beer are shown, bottling machines for transferring beer from vats to bottles are also displayed.

Other exhibits include brewery trucks, bars and tavern furniture, jugs and glasses.
Adjacent to the exhibition hall is a large Rathskeller where beer and food cooked in the German way are served.

A cafeteria occupies the entire second floor, both inside and on the surrounding terraces.

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