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Ukraine - Expo Chicago 1933

Ukraine at the Exhibition Expo Chicago 1933
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The "Ukrainian Village", located at the entrance to the street of the thirty-ninth session, was designed on the model of Ukrainian wooden architecture as evidenced by the village churches, rustic halls and bridges. Its interior is decorated partly in the Ukrainian style of the early 17th century and partly in the spirit of folk ornamentation which is characterised in embroidery, Easter eggs and other folk art.

The exhibition presents folk art with carpets, tapestries, embroideries, wood, leather and all other types of peasant art, modern art with sculptures and paintings by Alexander Archipenko, a famous Ukrainian artist, known in the world, who created an entirely new style in art, other paintings by other Ukrainian artists were also presented, and a statistical, geographical and economic part. Also displayed were maps and diagrams showing the Ukrainian territory in its various aspects, such as its size, population and mineral wealth. On the stage in the centre of the structure, the famous Ukrainian choirs, orchestras, soloists and dancers provided entertainment.

A restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes, both in Ukrainian and American style. The food is served by native Ukrainian waitresses in Ukrainian costumes. The Garden Beach offers a large cool area surrounded by trees where the exhibition visitor can relax.

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