Century of Progress International Exposition - Chicago 1933

A century of progress

May 27 - November 12, 1933 and June 1 - October 31, 1934

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General House, Inc

General House, Inc at the Exhibition Expo Chicago 1933

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Architect(s) : Howard T. Fisher

General Houses, Inc. is a five-bedroom steel panel house with an integrated garage.

The interior walls are finished insulation panels: ready-made steel panels.

The exterior is finished with paint.
The house is furnished and decorated to show the practical use of new materials and amenities.
One of the rooms in the house is a study, and emphasises the usefulness of the design.
Full-length picture windows are used in the living room.
The decoration and furnishings are in harmony with the modern spirit, using combinations of metal and pieces of wood.

The general idea of the furnishings is functional.
An exhibition of models shows the variety of designs possible with all steel constructions. The principles of steel panel construction are represented by panel samples and joints.

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