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Owens-Illinois Glass Block - Expo Chicago 1933

Owens-Illinois Glass Block at the Exhibition Expo Chicago 1933
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It is a moulded glass building with a tower, built by the Owens-Illinois Glass Company, whose structure is based on this new material.
The glass blocks are hollow and therefore insulate against heat and cold.
Decorative effects and colours are produced during the day when the outside light comes through the building.
A collection of historical glassware and decorative objects, on loan from the Toledo (Ohio) Museum of Art, is on display in the exhibition hall.

An operating glass factory shows the complete glass-making process.
Industrial exhibits include glass wool filters and models showing their application.
Air purification equipment, using glass wool for the filter as part of the heating equipment, is demonstrated.

Many types of jars and bottles are presented: vacuum jars for storing coffee, hermetic oil bottles...

The use of glass building blocks is illustrated by models of residences, industrial plants, shops and petrol stations, in natural environments with streets and trees.

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