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Johns-Manville Building - Expo Chicago 1933

Johns-Manville Building at the Exhibition Expo Chicago 1933
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Asbestos uses are presented throughout the pavilion.
In this pavilion is an amazing mural. The artist is Leo Katz, from Vienna, Austria, who created this 30 metre long and 6 metre high work.

It depicts a half naked man kneeling with the title "Give us this day our Daylight".

There are two triangular panels on either side. The first is entitled "Cold", done in greenish black, and depicts a horse covered in icicles. Intertwined figures dance among the flames in the "Heat" panel, which is directly related to the one opposite called "Sound".

The last panel, "Movement", depicts an engineer bent over a drawing board and surrounded by machines that pull him down.

The exhibition is devoted to the various uses of asbestos and asbestos products. Asbestos museum specimens from all parts of the world are represented, with asbestos in all stages of manufacture.

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