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Home Planning Hall -

Home Planning Hall at the Exhibition Expo Chicago 1933
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Here you can see an exhibition presenting a direct application of the problems and wishes for modern house designers.

Three all-metal kitchen models show the use of stainless steel, shiny metal for sinks, drains, table tops and other equipment. Each kitchen has a different feature for efficient construction.

Scientific tests of various materials and appliances are shown by specialists. Here you can see the tests applied to enamel products to check their resistance to chipping, staining and heat.

Household paints are presented and undergo intensive climatic tests. Intense and concentrated light rays are destructive to colours and tests are carried out on the samples.

Accelerated stress and wear tests are applied to steel furniture. Refrigeration methods are tested and explained. Hoovers are tested for efficiency.

Test yourself
Nearby, you can test your physical condition yourself by using the "vibration machine" to test your resistance to fatigue. You stand on a small platform that shakes, which regularly records the way you stand. This fatigue test is located in the spring mattress exhibition.

Water circulation pumps in rural homes and other buildings are represented, together with an exhibition of oil heating equipment. In this exhibition you will also find toys for children.

A giant mixer for mayonnaise and other foods is shown in operation. There are exhibits of various types of mixers, hoovers, taps and bath and shower equipment and cast aluminium kitchen utensils. An exhibition tells the history of air conditioning and hot air heating. Washing machines are presented in a demonstration.

Gas Industry Gallery

A large exhibition is dedicated to the history of domestic gas. A speaker bakes cakes on a gas cooker to illustrate his lectures on the use of gas for cooking. The kitchen models show how to optimise space to save time and make everyday cooking easier.

All uses of domestic gas are presented: gas cookers, water heaters and home heating. An animation shows how easy it is to install a gas heater in an oven.

A coal-fired cooker is shown. A cutaway of an oven is shown to illustrate how all the parts work.

An animated model shows how coal is loaded into freight wagons.

Coal is shown by showing a central boiler with a section on the cut side to show the flues.
Mixers and other electrical kitchen appliances are shown. A display shows the results of a wax-based cleaning product on wooden and linoleum floors.

Puppet Theatre

A puppet show, performed by professional puppeteers in a small theatre, shows how girls in costumes use cleaning powder.

A display of gas fridges shows how the principle of freezing is created by a tiny gas flame.
On the upper floor of the planning hall you will find an exhibition of carpets indicated by an ingenious device.
The furniture and home furnishings displays are divided into sections. On one side, you see items applicable to the kitchen, equipment, pressure cookers, jelly moulds, utensils and on the other side is the furnishing.

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