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Crane Company Station - Expo Chicago 1933

Crane Company Station at the Exhibition Expo Chicago 1933
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A refreshing attraction is a 15 metre high shower. It is a giant reproduction of a shower made by the company.

On the ground floor of the tower you can see, opposite the modern shower, a bathroom used in 1893.

Displays showcase antique and historic bathroom fixtures including a 100 year old French "chaise longue" bathtub, a 150 year old French toilet, a hat-shaped bathtub that was in vogue in this country after the Civil War, and a bathtub, of the type used by Queen Victoria in England.

A complete plumbing system for a rural house is shown, including the automatic running water system, full bathroom, kitchen and laundry. The glass partitions allow all the plumbing to be seen.

Modern kitchens are shown, including all kitchen equipment. Heating and air-conditioning equipment is shown in a typical average house.

The industrial exhibition shows valves, fittings and pipes in their application and various industrial and engineering uses.

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