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Havoline thermometer - Expo Chicago 1933

Havoline thermometer at the Exhibition Expo Chicago 1933
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What is the temperature?
This question is asked every day, not only by the millions of visitors to the exhibition.

To answer this question, the Indian Refining Company erected a 60-metre high thermometer as a monument to Chicago's climate.
The thermometer is located at the beginning of Twenty-third Street. The numbers on the three sides of the tower are so high that they are easily visible, day and night, from almost any corner of the fairgrounds.

The "mercury column" is made of neon tubes, and is electrically operated by a master thermometer.
Only the Sky Ride pavilion exceeds it in height.
More than 3,000 neon tubes were used, as well as 10,000 metres of cable and 60 tonnes of steel to create the "monument of light" dedicated to the climate of the magical western city.

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