Overview of the Enchanted Island - Expo Chicago 1933

Overview of the Enchanted Island at the Exhibition Expo Chicago 1933
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Within the exhibition "A Century of Progress", five hectares of land are available for children and adults who have kept their childlike spirit.

The Enchanted Island lies between the lagoon and the lake, and from this "island" rises an imposing mountain.
On this island there are giants and guards, who are dressed in appropriate costumes, just like in the fairy kingdom.

A huge wagon, 5 meters high, with a big articulated boy on top, and underneath it is the shop where the wagons are made.

There is a marble house, and a children's restaurant.
There are women telling stories, and games of all kinds.
Youngsters can slide down the mountainside, and there is a fairy castle, a mechanical petting zoo, a model railway, a puppet show.

The children also have their own theatre, where plays are performed by the Junior League of Chicago; such as "Peter Pan," "Cinderella," "The Infanta's Birthday," "Sir Gawayne's Ordeal," and "The Captivity of Eleanor Lytle," which is a true story of the life of Mrs. John Kinzie in the early days of Chicago.

There is also a trained staff to entertain the children while their parents visit the rest of the exhibition. It's a lovely place for children to be, a place they'll never forget, even when they're old like their parents are now.

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