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Dairy Building - Expo Chicago 1933

Dairy Building at the Exhibition Expo Chicago 1933
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The adoptive mother of mankind, the cow, is glorified in the exhibition presented by the $3 billion US dairy industry and is located in a building at the west end of the north end of the Agricultural Building on the North Island.

The oval-shaped, milk-white building is 58 metres long, 40 metres wide and 23 metres high.

Entering the main auditorium, one comes upon three tracks, which look out onto a stage in the centre of which is a milk fountain, symbolising the place of milk in the development of civilisation. The growth of the industry is spectacularly presented on a giant mural 30 metres long and two storeys high.

Numerous exhibition rooms containing displays that vividly reflect the history of the science and industry's contribution to the production, handling, manufacture and distribution of pasteurised milk, certified milk, condensed milk, butter, cheese ice cream, and the manufacture of beverages and by-products, are located along the corridors leading to the main hall.

The Organising Committee and Management of the Dairy Industry Group Exhibition have made their displays coincide with that of a 'Century of Progress' by highlighting the contribution of science to the industry, and the consistency of quality and improvement of its food products.

In addition to the auditorium and exhibition rooms, the building houses a spacious dairy café and a lounge.

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