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Walgreen's Store -

Walgreen's Store at the Exhibition Expo Chicago 1933
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Walgreen's has opened the only two drugstores on the show floor.
One is located in the north wing of the Science Palace and the other occupies a beautiful building of its own at the 23rd Street entrance.

These shops incorporate the maximum amount of glazed area that state-of-the-art construction principles make possible.

The 23rd Street shop has about 40 metres of fountain space with a bar behind an aquarium.
The Science Palace shop has a very nice decorative fountain which is called the "Cascade Soda Fountain". One of the features of this fountain is a running water effect, which is state of the art in every respect. The fountain in the hall of the Science Palace shop is 32 metres long.

An annex to the shop on 23rd Street is dedicated to a soda fountain with space for 100 people, which was built during the month of June.

Each shop has a magnificent toiletries department, which consists of sections that are entirely new in design and execution.

These departments exclusively offer toiletries specifically for girls.
Beyond the uniqueness and beauty of these two fountain installations, Walgreen's regular prices are in effect at all times.

©Official Guide Book 1933-1934