Hungary - Expo Paris 1937

Hungary at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1937
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Architect(s) : Denis Györgyi

Its clear facade with brightly coloured lines and richly decorated with folk art ornaments was flanked by a high tower with a glass crown, starred in plan.

The frescoes in the majestically proportioned hall of honour depicted the main events in Hungary's thousand-year history.

The frescoes in the hall of honour, of majestic proportions, depict the main facts of Hungary's thousand year old history. You could then walk through the Hall of Applied Arts with its monumental statue of St. Stephen, the Hall of Religious Arts with its remarkable stained glass windows, the Hall of Tourism, the Hall of Decorative Arts, the Hall of the Stage and the Hall of Fashion, before crossing the glass courtyard and finally arriving at two other halls where you could see the products of this fertile soil, a peasant's room full of details of Hungarian folklore, earthenware and pottery from the Herend factory, and the fine Halas lace.

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