Netherlands - Expo Paris 1937

Netherlands at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1937
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Architect(s) : Van Den Broek

The Dutch pavilion, whose curved facade harmonised happily with the Paris wing of the Trocadero.

Once through the entrance hall, one entered the Transport and Tourism Section, which offered an image of the country's many attractions and was attractively decorated by a procession of dolls wearing the costumes of all the provinces.

The objects on display, furniture, stained glass, ceramics, textiles and books, had been selected by a jury charged with examining the results of competitions on specific themes.

After taking an interest in diamond cutting, of which Amsterdam is the great centre, you could visit the room of Religious Art, Handicrafts, Technical Sciences, Town Planning, and then the section of the Dutch Indies with its "pendopo", the reception gallery of a high dignitary, followed by a series of remarkable workers' dwellings and the plans of the gigantic works of the Zuyderzée drainage.

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