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Poland - Expo Paris 1937

Poland at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1937
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Architect(s) : Pniewski, Lacherte, Brukalski, Szanajca

The Polish pavilion stood at the corner of the central avenue.

It consisted of various constructions, the main one being a tower surrounded by pools and preceded by a portico supported by bronze eagles.

A white eagle soaring and a symbolic copper-plated Victory stood at the top.

The interior of the hall of honour was a kind of evocation of the glories of this nation with seven statues of King Boleslav, King Jagellon, Copernicus, Kosciusko, Mickiewiecz, Chopin and Marshal Pilsuldski and a splendid 30 square metre modern tapestry depicting the victories of John Sobieski.

In the other rooms you could see a series of specifically Polish interiors which gave you a first impression of the country's customs.

Various stands gave you a better idea of the Polish Army, Polish books and the beautiful port of Gdynia.

A special stand showed the scientific activity of the President of the Republic, Professor Ignatius Moscicki.

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