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Wood - Expo Paris 1937

Wood at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1937
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Architect(s) : Le Même

This pavilion housed an exhibition of the arts, trade and wood industry and a conference room where congresses were held.

A modern aquarium installation for fish from the cold rivers of our mountains allowed the cooling of the water by means of an engine running on forest gas.

A special stand was under the aegis of the National Committee of Colonial Woods. It consisted of a large world map where the forest colonies were particularly highlighted.

On the steps, various manufactured objects and office furniture showed some of the uses of our colonial species. This stand was separated from the public by a wooden barrier at the top of which were arranged forestry samples from our colonies, opposite which electric pushers made it possible to show on the map the colony or colonies of origin and the amount of production.

This pavilion was part of the Water and Forests section as well as the two other buildings that follow.

Communal home
Architects : Battit, Mazery, Warnesson

The communal foyer was there to satisfy the cultural and leisure needs of the population of a rural commune. It contained an exhibition of wood craftsmen and another of wood heating.

Youth Hostel
Architects : Martnet frères

The ground floor housed a restaurant which served to demonstrate the excellence of wood-fired cooking. On the first floor was the hostel's dormitory and a room dedicated to forest tourism, sports and water tourism.

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