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Women, Children, Family - Expo Paris 1937

Women, Children, Family at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1937
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Architect(s) : Chatenay père et fils, Ferret et Gonse

In the large pavilions devoted to Women, Children and Families, as well as in the Reception and Demonstration Centre, a sort of social information centre, it was possible to obtain all kinds of information relating to women's careers, professional orientation, job placement, etc.

A lounge adjoining the Centre was available to specialised visitors who wished to meet with the directors of the various works at the Centre itself.

An exhibition gallery on the ground floor and two upper galleries were occupied by dioramas and model productions of official and private works.

In addition, a nursing pavilion was available for mothers visiting the Exhibition with their babies, as well as a garden and a nursery for children.

In the rooms devoted to the medico-social health centre, consultations were given several times a week by eminent professors, which foreign doctors interested in the medical and preventive movement in France could attend.

A demonstration room was available for social works and organisations.

One should not forget to visit the Household School with its kitchen and laundry, nor the open-air theatre where children's parties and very short interludes with clowns and puppets were held.

A restaurant overlooked the section's gardens.

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