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Sailing Yachting - Expo Paris 1937

Sailing Yachting at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1937
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Architect(s) : Meyer-Levy P, Meyer-Levy C, Masse, Bigot Pierre

The flag seemed to be at anchor near the bridge.

It was a bright, cheerful note, reminiscent of the neatness of fine racers with white sails and shiny mahogany.

At her stern, a mast with multicoloured flags flapping.

Inside, a whole flotilla of canoes and folding boats could be seen, models of boats ranging from yachts to liners, some of which were real masterpieces.

Various societies took part in this interesting exhibition: the Canoe Club de France and the Cercle Nautique de Chatou, the Touring Club de France, the Cercle de Voile de France, the Yacht Club de Dinard, and the association of "cat" owners. This is the name given to this class of boats, all of which must have the word "cat" in their name.

Above the restaurant open to the public, there was a club house decorated by the Yacht Club de France and reserved for members of nautical societies from France and abroad.

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